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Metal shelf bracket

Metal shelf bracket

Cast iron shelf brackets

We offer a wide range of decorative cast iron shelf brackets in North America, with different bracket models to add that final touch of elegance to all your projects. Our decorative cast-iron shelf brackets are extremely sturdy, so for superior support, we recommend you affix them to wall studs. They come in a number of styles and sizes, with something for every type of project.

From rustic and industrial brackets to vintage, antique and even Victorian shelf brackets, our entire line of premium cast iron shelf brackets all feature the same exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Ideally, these are indoor brackets but if mounted outdoors, only a little extra maintenance is required to preserve the finish.

Our cast iron brackets are sold individually.

Please note that the measurements may differ slightly according to each casting and a perfect 90 degree angle is practically impossible.  

All our brackets are sold without screws, we recommend to use drywall screws for installation that you will find through your local hardware store